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2ª International Summit on Toxicology

Las Vegas - United States
Data: 07/10/2013 - 09/10/2013

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Toxicologia Forense, Toxicologia, Emerging Concepts in Toxicology, Medical and Clinical Toxicology, In-vitro and In-vivo Toxicology, Occupational and Environmental Toxicology

International Conference on Psychology, Autism and Alzheimer´s Disease

Hilton San Antonio Airport, Texas - United States
Data: 30/09/2013 - 01/10/2013

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Psiquiatria, Psicoterapia, Neurociências, Current Research a Glance, General Psychology, Alzheimer, Autism, Psychological Disorders, Addiction and Aging Psychology, Clinical aspects and Case Studies

2ª International Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia

Las Vegas, - United States
Data: 16/09/2013 - 18/09/2013

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Surgery & Anesthesia-An Overview, Anesthesia and its Associated Complications, Techniques and Technology-Surgery, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions, Transplantation Technologies, Obesity Surgery – No Confusion Tough Combination, Nanosurgery - A Surgeon’s intro into Nanotechnology, Postoperative Care and Complications, Surgery and Anesthesia

ISPOR 4th Latin America Conference

Buenos Aires - Argentina
Data: 12/09/2013 - 14/09/2013

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16672, Saúde Pública, Análise de Impacto Orçamentário, Avaliação Econômica

XII Conferencia de Educacion en Enfermeria

Montevideo - Uruguay
Data: 09/09/2013 - 13/09/2013

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Educação em Enfermagem, la Educación Superior en Enfermería y sus Desafíos, La Formación Enfermera para el Ejercicio Ético, La Educación Enfermera para el Liderazgo en el Cuidado, Visibilidad Enfermera para la Construcción Social del Cuidado

2ª International Conference on Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine

Raleigh-Nc - United States
Data: 26/08/2013 - 28/08/2013

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Medicina Clínica, Medicina Regenerativa, Tissue Regeneration, Materials & Designs for Tissue Engineering, Whole Organ Engineering & Approaches, Gene and Drug Delivery, Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering, Scaffolds, Novel Approaches in Guided Tissue Regeneration, Regeneration and Therapeutics, Recent Developments in Biochips and Tissue Chips, Business of Regenerative Medicine

International Conference on Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics

Holiday inn, Orlando International Airport, Orlando - FL - United States
Data: 21/08/2013 - 23/08/2013

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Epidemiologia Molecular, Epidemiologia Nutricional, Epi- Genetics and Chromatin, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Cancer, Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Geographical Information Science, Environmental Epidemiology, Injury and Risk Factor Epidemiology, Occupational Epidemiology, Radiation Epidemiology, Pharmaco- Epidemiology, Evolutionary Genetics, Advancements and Future of Epidemiology, Epidemiology and Genetics

International Conference on Dental & Oral Health

Embassy Suites Las Vegas - United States
Data: 19/08/2013 - 21/08/2013

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Saúde Bucal, Current Concepts in Oral Health, Basic Dentistry, Dental and Oral Health, Dental and Oral Abnormalities, Oral Health and Other Diseases

International Scholarly Publishing Conferences

México - Mexico
Data: 19/08/2013 - 21/08/2013

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Publicações Científicas e Técnicas, Reports on Institutional, National, and Regional, Sustainability and Alternative Models for Open Access Publishing;, Quality, Impact, and Reach of Open Access Publications;, Open Access and Higher Education;, Interoperability and Information Systems;, New Reading and Publishing Technologies

International Conference and Exhibition on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Embassy Suites Las Vegas - United States
Data: 19/08/2013 - 21/08/2013

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Medicina Física e Reabilitação, Diet and Physical Health, Physical Health and Chronic Health Condition, Industrial Health and Management, Sports Injury and Rehabilitation, Pain and Injury Management, Exercise and Trauma, Disability and Management, Psychological Genetic Disorders, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Techniques, Addiction and Rehabilitation, Population and Human Health