BRANDAO, Cristina Mariano Ruas; LIMA, Marina Guimarães; SILVA, Anderson Lourenço da et al. Treatment of postmenopausal osteopor
osis in women: a systematic review.Cadernos de Saúde Pública, Rio de Janeiro, v. 24, supl. 4, p. s592-s606, 2008. Disponível em Scielo

Osteoporosis, a typical disease of the elderly, has become a frequent and relevant public health problem. Several drugs are available for treatment of osteoporosis, some of which are currently dispensed by the Brazilian Unified National Health System. The objective of this study was to present a systematic review of drugs for treatment of osteoporosis, focusing on the adequacy of clinical protocols based on existing evidence in the scientific literature. We conducted a search for randomized clinical trials in PubMed and LILACS that presented results for bone mineral density, incidence of vertebral fractures, and adverse effects. 32 articles met the review’s inclusion criteria. Bisphosphonates were reported to have consistently reduced the risk of vertebral fractures. Hormone replacement therapy showed positive outcomes, but its use has been found to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. Teriparatide and monofluorophosphate also showed efficacy against osteoporosis. Calcium and vitamin D were given to patients as food supplements.